Data protection

We pay particular attention to the issue of personal data of our users. We are keenly aware of the sensitive nature of this issue, therefore, we are committed to complying with and, if possible, exceeding all relevant requirements pertaining to personal data.

The web store Outlet optika is operated by Optika Focus d.o.o.. As the web store operator, we have an obligation to protect the personal information of our users in accordance with the relevant regulations. The data collected by our web store may be used by

For the purposes of our business operations, we collect the following user data:

  •                   name and last name,
  •                   address and place of residence,
  •                   e-mail address, which is also used as a username,
  •                   contact telephone number,
  •                   password in encoded form,
  •                   and all remaining information entered by users into the forms contained in the web store Outlet optika.


We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the users.

For security purposes we also collect the IP addresses of users accessing our website. For each user, a transient cookie is created upon visiting the website for identification and tracking of the shopping cart. Certain persistent cookies may also be saved on your computer: a user identification number in encoded form (for recognition upon the next visit), product ratings (to remember which products you have already rated) and four cookies from the Google Analytics system (analysis of website visits).

The information collected may be used by the operator or his potential successors exclusively for the purposes of their operations.

With the exception of the cookies, all aforementioned data are permanently saved on the server of the web store Outlet optika. Transient cookies are stored in the server memory only for the duration of the visit and are removed after one hour of inactivity, while persistent cookies are saved on the user's computer.

The data collected and processed will be disclosed only if legally required or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings before the courts or other government authorities and for the protection and pursuit of the legal interests of the web store Outlet optika.



What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files most websites store on the devices users use to access them in order to recognize those individual devices. Their storage is entirely controlled by the user's browser. The user can limit or disable the storage of cookies at any time in the browser.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly services. The most common functions of e-commerce cannot be provided without them. Cookies facilitate and simplify the interaction between the web user and the website. They allow the website to remember the user's preferences and experiences, thereby saving time and ensuring that browsing through websites is more efficient and pleasant. A majority of websites use cookies as they are a convenient means for ensuring fresh and suitable contents tailored to the interests and preferences of the individual user. In light of this, there are several reasons for using cookies, the most important being their ability to store data on the state of an individual website (details concerning the modifications of an particular website), assist in providing various online services (by online stores), and collect various statistics concerning the habits of web users, which enables the tracking of the frequency of visits of a particular website. Companies can use cookies to evaluate the efficiency of their website design, and the suitability of the types and number of ads offered to their users.

Which cookies does Outlet optika use?

Optika Focus d.o.o., as operator of the web store Outlet optika, allows third parties to upload 'Other cookies' onto the user's equipment. By clicking 'Close' on the notice concerning the use of cookies on our website, the user gives his/her consent to the operator (Optika Focus d.o.o.) and third parties (Google, Zopim). The user my disable 'Other cookies' by removing the tick from the box and confirming ('Save'). ''Mandatory cookies' are necessary for the functioning of the web store and to enable its use. The web store cannot function properly without them, therefore, the user has no control over their use.


Mandatory cookies:


Company: Optika Focus d.o.o.
Name of cookie: PHPSESSIONID
Purpose: Verification of the user's session
Duration: Duration of the session


Company: Google Analytics
Name of cookie: __ut*
Purpose: Website statistics
Duration: Varies


Other cookies


Company: Zopim
Name of cookie: __cfduid
Purpose: Plug-in for live assistance
Duration: Duration of the session


Company: Optika Focus d.o.o.
Name of cookie: cc_*
Purpose: Cookie plug-in settings
Duration: Duration of the session