Delivery method

The customer or user can have the purchased items delivered by mail or collect them in person at the Optika Focus d.o.o. head office.

We use Pošta Slovenije to deliver the items by mail in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Delivery costs 

Delivery costs can be avoided by collecting the items at the Optika Focus head office.

Delivery costs for Slovenia:

Cost of delivery is 2,99€.

If you chose to pay upon delivery, Pošta Slovenije will charge you an additional fee for payment upon delivery in accordance with their rates. This fee is not included in the delivery cost; it is a separate cost of payment upon delivery.

Delivery costs for Croatia:

Cost of delivery is 4,50€.

Delivery costs for other states of European union:

Cost of delivery is 5,50€.

Delivery costs for other states:

Cost of delivery is 5,50€.

Delivery countries

  •          Austria
  •          Belgium
  •          Bulgaria
  •          Bosnia and Hercegovina
  •          Croatia
  •          Cyprus
  •          Czech Republic
  •          Denmark
  •          Estonia
  •          Finland
  •          France
  •          Germany
  •          Greece
  •          Hungary
  •          Ireland
  •          Italy
  •          Latvia
  •          Lithuania
  •          Luxembourg
  •          Macedonia
  •          Malta
  •          Montenegro
  •          Netherlands
  •          Poland
  •          Portugal
  •          Romania
  •          Serbia
  •          Slovakia
  •          Slovenia
  •          Spain
  •          Sweden
  •          United Kingdom

Cancellation of orders and contracts  

The customer can cancel his/her order at any time before delivery.

Once the item has been delivered, the customer may cancel the order by notifying the supplier within 14 days of delivery. The customer is not required to provide a reason for the cancellation.

In the event of a cancellation the customer must comply with the provisions contained in the section Purchase guarantee.


Delivery deadline

The delivery deadline is displayed on the presentation page of each item. The delivery deadlines differ depending on the item and manufacturer.

If an order is placed for several items with different delivery deadlines, the longest deadline shall apply (e.g. if an order is placed for an item with a 2-day delivery deadline and an item with a 7-day delivery deadline, the items will be delivered within 7 days).

100% purchase guarantee  

Customers may enforce a guarantee only for items purchased in the web store Outlet optika.

We offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that they can return the items within 14 days of receipt, thereby cancelling the purchase contract.

The returned items must be undamaged, unused and contained in their original packaging.

The costs of returning an item are covered by the customer.

The customer must provide a cancellation notice and include the current account to which the refund is to be made. Payments made in cash cannot be refunded. The customer will receive a full refund (for the price of the item and any delivery costs) within 14 days from the day on which we receive the returned items.

When enforcing a guarantee for items which are no longer sealed in their original packaging, the customer must provide a description of the defect or the reason for the claim, and return the item together with the original packaging and a copy of the invoice. The claim shall be forwarded to the product manufacturer. The manufacturer will decide whether or not the claim is justified.

The customer may enforce a guarantee for any item damaged during delivery. To do so, the customer must return the damaged items and enclose a copy of the invoice and a copy of a form for damaged goods, which is available at the post office. We will replace any damaged item with a new one as soon as possible.

A guarantee cannot be enforced:

  •                   if the items are not in their original packaging, except in cases described above,
  •                   if the colour of the glasses differs from the colour shown on the images displayed on the website,
  •                   if the items bought in the web store were used improperly and in contradiction with the manufacturer's instructions,
  •                   if the items were not bought in the web store Outlet optika.